Slotti supports your business!

Slotti offers both appointment scheduling and a POS system, which can be used together or separately. The systems work seamlessly together by sharing much of the data and for example offering currently ending appointments as sales in the POS.

Online appointment scheduling

By offering online appointment scheduling you make yourselves available 24/7 while your customers may schedule appointments whenever it suits them best.

Clear booking calendar

Your shared electronic booking calendar makes it easy for you to check each others calendars and schedule appointments for anyone. The calendar is also always with you, so you can add or check bookings anytime, anywhere.

Flexible worktimes

You are not enslaved to certain hours by your appointment scheduling system, but instead you're free to easily and flexibly define when you work, down to each day and minute.

Customer registry

Slotti automatically fills up your customer registry with the customer information from each appointment. You can also check appointment history for customers and add treatment notes for each appointment there.

Comprehensive POS system

Slotti POS offers a comprehensive solution to taking payment for your services and products. Everything from discounts and product returns to inventory management is included.


Follow and develop your business more and more with Slotti's booking and sales reports.

Why choose Slotti?

Slotti has been developed together with multiple small businesses thanks to which Slotti now covers many needs and supports your business in many ways. With Slotti you can focus in your business and not your system.

Easy to use & readily available

Slotti has been designed as easy to use from the beginning, so you could focus to what matters. Slotti is also always available, be it on your laptop, tablet or the smart phone in your pocket.

One reason for our pride is reliability. Slotti will never have disturbing maintenance breaks for software updates during the daytime.

Slotti support team is always ready to help and serves you both via email as well as over the phone. Support also monitors that everything is ok with your system and will receive automatic alerts in case you or one of your customers is experiencing any trouble with it.

Don't be afraid to contact support with any needs or ideas. Slotti has been built on customer needs and feedback and we'd love to hear from all of our customers!

Both you and your customers will always be using Slotti through a secure SSL connection. Even now your reading this website though one. This way your customers information and your bookings are kept a secret available only for you.

Slotti is also committed to you owning all the data stored into your Slotti-account. You can download your customer registry any time to excel or request your data from the support.

Our servers are located in a guarded location and we will take care of backups for you, making sure your data is always safe.

Slotti grows with your needs and you can freely add users or cash registers as your business grows. Slotti also offers support for multiple locations.

If needed tailored features or addons are also possible. Integrations to other systems can be achieved using our REST API.



  • 10 € / month / bookable resource*
  • All features
  • No fees per appointment
  • Phone and email support
  • Try it out!

Appointments & POS

  • 20 € / month / bookable resource*
  • All features
  • No fees per cash register
  • Phone and email support
  • Try it out!


* By a bookable resource we refer to an employee, space or other resource being booked.

Free 30 day trial

You can try Slotti for free for 30 days without any commitments. Slotti is ready for your use right away, so that you get to try it out in practise without any hassle.